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Why Hillcrest Capital Partners

We think we’re a different kind of private equity firm. We approach partnership from a different perspective. It’s our investment, but it’s your legacy. We think you’ll like working with us. Here’s why.

Long Term Focus

We are generally investing our own capital which allows us to focus on growing businesses and creating value over the long term thereby taking pressure off short term blips in the business. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


We answer to ourselves, not outside institutional investors.   As a result, we can move very quickly to close a transaction and can work with you to structure a transaction in real time that meets your needs.


We know selling your business isn’t easy…we know because we’ve sold our own. We are patient investors…so we will take the time to understand your objectives and work with you patiently over time to realize those objectives.

Minnesota Nice

We are nice people. We have spent the majority of our lives in Minnesota, how could we not be? We treat people (our partners, our employees, and our customers) the way we want to be treated – with respect, integrity, transparency and kindness. Our reputations as good people mean a lot to us.

Because we are investing our own capital, we can be flexible on when we ultimately exit our investment. This gives us the ability to truly invest in the long term growth of the business. It also allows the owner/operator to remain involved in the business they founded and built over a longer time frame. We call this approach Partnership from a Different Perspective.

Are you a business owner or part of a senior management team that is ready to take the next step? Let’s talk.