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Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor Inc. was a provider of mouth guards for youth sports. Shock Doctor’s two primary shareholders were seeking liquidity while the Company’s CEO, Steve Washburn, was looking for a partner to help him grow the business significantly. In June of 2003, HCP acquired 80% of the Company and the remaining 20% was retained by one of the two primary shareholders and the CEO. With HCP’s support, Steve and his management team tripled the Company’s revenue over the next five years by introducing new products, establishing new distribution channels, and building the Shock Doctor brand. In April of 2008, Norwest Equity Partners acquired Shock Doctor from HCP.

“HCP was a great partner for me and my management team. They trusted our judgment on how to grow the business and provided sound advice when we needed it…and we really enjoyed working with them.”

– Steve Washburn, former CEO, Shock Doctor, Inc.

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