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Our Investment. Your Legacy.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Hillcrest Capital Partners is a private equity firm founded in 2002 by Jeff and John Turner. Prior to founding Hillcrest Capital Partners, Jeff was the co-head of the Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions Group at US Bancorp Piper Jaffray and John was the Chairman and CEO of ReliaStar Financial Corp., a NYSE listed Fortune 500 financial services company.

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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Why Hillcrest Capital Partners

Hillcrest Capital Partners

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Using our own capital, Hillcrest Capital Partners acquires control positions in well managed, high margin, lower middle market companies primarily based in the Midwest. The companies we acquire are typically owned by families or entrepreneurs who are looking for liquidity and ownership transition.

We prefer to partner with existing management to significantly grow the business, and we encourage management and the selling shareholders to retain an ownership position in the company. We serve as active board members helping the existing management to define and implement a strategic plan focused on growing the business aggressively over the long term. Our broad experience allows us to consider potential investment opportunities in a wide variety of industries.

Hillcrest Capital Partners is an attractive acquirer for lower middle market companies given our credibility and the fact that we are investing our own capital rather than investing capital raised from institutional investors. In addition to the capital investment, business sellers find the team at Hillcrest Capital Partners to be engaged partners who support the future growth of the company by bringing the following significant attributes to the table:

  • Long-term investment horizon
  • An unwavering commitment to growth
  • Strong operating background with proven success in growing businesses
  • Outstanding reputation as ethical, honest, trustworthy professionals
  • Strong network of professional relationships
  • Extensive experience in structuring, negotiating and financing middle-market transactions

Are you a business owner or part of a senior management team that is ready to take the next step? Let’s talk.

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